Football Prediction Guide

Football is the worlds most pupular sport, that being the case it has plenty of self proclaimed specialists who thinks they know it all in football betting, you know the hype.

But the simple fact is this:

Football betting is not as easy as it seems, football betting is beneficial to those who take time to study the game and analyze the finest of details.

If we were discussing on which is the best betting site in Tanzania, there wouldn’t be a question, we’d had picked SokaBet on the case. But that’s not the matter here!

In this guide, we’re going to demonstrate our football betting stubs from every angle imaginable.

Some Football Betting Terms

In this section we are going to discuss on the main football betting terms you can bet on.

If you think you are ready familiar with these types of markets, don’t skip reading here. There is still a room for learning new things, the sky is the only limit.


It is also knows as match result / 1 × 2. This selection is fairly self explanatory. Under this selection a bettor have an option for each team to win the match within 90 minutes and stoppage time or a draw for tie results.

Match Result is basically the most common bet in the world of football, maybe because just picking the team that one thinks will win a game needs less thoughts than other betting markets.

Double Chance

This selection allows you to cover two out of three final outcomes in football match but with significantly lower odds than win-draw-win selection.

With Double Chance (DC) you can back the home team or a tie, away team or a tie, or either team to win the game.

Over/Under 2.5 Goals

In this selection, a bettor will be betting on whether a match will end with a total of more than 2 goals (i.e. 3 or more) or whether it will have under 3 goals (zero, one, or two goals).

This market is a little simpler to find value for those who aren’t sure who will be victorious  only if they have a good sense of how a match will be played out by considering defensive and offensive strength of the rival teams.

There are also other related markets such as over/under 0.5, 1.5, 3.5, 4.5 and 5.5, but the over/under 2.5 selection is by far the most common market.

Correct Score

Arguably one of the hardest market to predict accurately, Correct score market is less preferred by many bettors. This market allow bettors to predict the actual final results of football match. One can predict if a match will end up with 1 – 2, 0 – 0, 1 – 1, 2-0 etc.

It’s difficulty in predicting means that it always have high odds compared to other selections such as Win- draw-win and double chance. But a bettor ought to remember  ‘high odds’ does not necessarily mean ‘high value’.

Handicap Betting

This type of bet aims to level the playing field between a considered ‘tough team’ and ‘weaker team’. Typically a tough team will be provided with a -1 5 handicap against the so called weaker team which will in turn have a +1.5 handicap if one wishes to bet on them.

In simple terms, when you bet on -1.5 handicap for a home team, you’d need your team to win by two or more goals. If you chose to place your bet on the +1.5 handicap, you’d win only if your selected team won, drew, or lost by only one goal.

There are greater handicaps available such as -2.5/+2.5, -3.5/+3.5 too but -1/5/+1.5 is the most common one.

Half-Time/Full-Time (HT/FT)

In this market, a bettor is betting for a team to win, draw or to lose at a half time, and then to win, draw or to lose at a full time. This type of bet is divided into two, meaning you predict the winner of the first half then of the entire football match. You could predict a draw at half time but for the home team to win by full time, a draw at a half time and then for the away team to win by full time.

To put it in it’s simplest way, one can decide to bet on first half results as well as the final results.

For example if you bet on a home team win half time/full time and the result becomes 1-0 at a half time and ends with 1-0 at full time the bet would be a win.

If you think a team will a team has a good chance to start the match strong and win the match, it’s your chance to bet that team to win half – time / full – time.

There are Other Markets Too

There are hundreds if not thousands of  markets in football betting, both pre-match and inplay markets too.

It is basically difficult and irrelevant to wander placing your bets on all markets provided by your bookie, just follow the markets that you master and become a profitable punter.

Just take your time to learn, improve, be sensible and b disciplined.


How to Find Value Betting on Football

The first and foremost thing to know about betting is that ‘there is no sure bet in football’ or any other sport, and we are not telling you that after reading this article you will end up winning on every bet you place, the aim is not to every bet, but to make profit in betting.

You can read this, do as much research on the game but there is still room for shocking results. Betting is all about chances.

In this case, inplay markets are considered one of the best directions to find value in a bet. Since it allows bettors to place their bets after analyzing the attacking momentum of a match.

For less experienced bettors, simplest markets such as win-draw-win and totals are advised since they are less risky.

Bettors, experienced or less experienced, are advised to bet on the marketsand leagues they know well so as not to risk wasting money on football betting.

A football fan who watches La Liga everyday would be more suited to place their bets on La Liga matches rather than lose money betting on random league that they do not know.

We will end this by inviting you to add the passion of football by betting on it, but remember to gamble responsibly.